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COVID-19 has increased the use of remote techniques in audits, assessments and evaluations. IAF, ILAC and ISO recently conducted a survey to collect stakeholders’ views on remote techniques, receiving highly positive feedback.


A joint IAF/ILAC/ISO survey of more than 4000 participants showed that a large majority of respondents prefer remote or blended audits, assessments, and evaluations, feel that remote activities provide as much confidence as on-site, and would like to see continued or increased use of remote activities in the future.


The COVID-19 pandemic caused a substantial shift to remote working in all walks of life. Organisations such as accreditation and conformity assessment bodies now provide much-needed services such as certification, inspection and testing and related accreditation activities remotely, in a dramatic shift from a preferred use of on-site techniques.

While we are still far from establishing what the so-called ‘new normal’ will look like, it is clear that some degree of remote working will remain in place for many industries. What will that look like for those who work in conformity assessment? More specifically, what degree of enthusiasm and preparedness will exist for this new way of working in the conformity assessment industry in the future?

In August 2021, IAF, ILAC and ISO concluded a joint survey that sought to answer these questions. The survey aimed to obtain the views of a diverse range of stakeholders on the use of remote techniques.

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