Impartiality Policy

Impartiality is one of the core values of UNIVAB and the cornerstone of any accreditation service. UNIVAB understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its services and manages conflict of interest and any potential conflict of interest in order to safeguard objectivity and impartiality of accreditation services rendered. UNIVAB adheres with the impartiality requirements as specified in ISO/IEC 17011 – Conformity assessment – Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies.

UNIVAB is a non-profit distributing company incorporated under the US laws and is organized in such a manner as to ensure that impartiality requirements are met.

UNIVAB offers accreditation services and training in accreditation associated matters. UNIVAB does not provide consultancy services to any organization that it offers accreditation. UNIVAB does not offer or provide any conformity assessment services that conformity assessment bodies perform.

UNIVAB provides external training services in accreditation associated activities. In order not to compromise its impartiality and status in training service delivery, UNIVAB offers generic training courses and does not give specific advice for the development of an organization’s operations. Furthermore, the training courses delivered or facilitated by UNIVAB are not a precondition of accreditation neither do they guarantee accreditation by UNIVAB.

In general, UNIVAB Committees shall have a balance of interest, be impartial and have no conflict of interest and shall be competent. UNIVAB personnel and Committees shall declare all possible conflicts of interest. The UNIVAB Board shall ensure that UNIVAB company values are addressed in policies and procedures and upheld in operations and service delivery. Applicants and existing clients shall all be treated fairly and in an equitable manner.

In service delivery, UNIVAB applies its policies and procedures in a non-discriminatory manner and its services are available to conformity assessment bodies (CABs) operating globally. Where services are offered to those countries outside UNIVAB’ operational boundaries UNIVAB takes into account the ILAC/IAF cross frontier policies. Eligibility to UNIVAB services does not depend on size, membership to association or groups and nature of the conformity assessment body (CAB) be it from the public sector or private sector.

UNIVAB’s permanent staff, contracted assessors/technical experts are required to sign a contract with UNIVAB that specifies their agreement to impartiality and non-conflict of interest in addition each assessor/expert, Board members and committee members are required to declare any potential conflict of interest. Persons engaged in work for UNIVAB are required to provide assurance that they are not under undesirable pressures of any kind (financial, commercial, personal etc.) that affect their judgment, quality or results of their work. Accreditation decisions are made by competent persons independent of the assessment. Any staff member who is found not to comply with policies and procedures shall be disciplined accordingly. Contract workers found not to uphold company values and contravene with policies and procedures in place to address these issues shall immediately cease to work for UNIVAB. Staff and contract workers are encouraged to advise the Chief Executive Officer of any individual or client who approaches them financially or otherwise to operate in a manner that contravenes UNIVAB policies and procedures.

UNIVAB has interactions with other organizations globally.

UNIVAB evaluates potential risks to impartiality on an ongoing basis through internal audits, management reviews, external financial audits, annual customer satisfaction surveys. UNIVAB also operates an impartial complaints and appeals procedure which is open to all stakeholders. The UNIVAB Board of Directors reviews the UNIVAB risk profile which includes risk to impartiality and any residual risks to determine if it is within the level of acceptable risk.

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